PMS Project Management System

This system is the follow-up of direct purchases and operations of public competition and what happens from procedures such as advertising and receive quotes and minutes of bidding lock and opening the envelopes and analysis of bids and examination of offers and notices of award and the drafting of contracts and other correspondence made during these operations, and the system processes the primary and final installment guarantees operations provided all exchange and follow-up operations.

Project management system is linked to the budget system in terms of items and link them and associated warehouse system in terms of receipt of materials is also linked to the financial system in terms of exchange and inventory control in terms of registration of the Covenant and the requesting party.


  • Divide the project into several phases and determine the required tasks in all stages.
  • The completion of the project required quality and in the estimated cost specified time
  • Division of the project and matches with what is planned to see deviations and processed.
  • CAS management and processed according to the contracts.
  • The additional works .
  • Completion rate

Using project management software will be able to CAPS

Project Registration

  • Restrict service projects and tasks linked to the materials for the project
  • Recording the preparation of working hours and responsible for the completion of tasks

The inclusion of tasks and business

  • Assigned for each employee ledger tasks tasks will appear
  • Knowledge of their investigation dates to complete the tasks that have been assigned by


  • Important documents linked to other programs such as accounting and program personnel
  • Lifting documents and attachments with any task done

Easy Attribution

  • You can assign tasks to your employees and vice versa, your employees can entrust you or another employee
  • The possibility of transferring the task of more than an employee full flexibility without losing its history.
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