Human Resources Management Program provides the easiest and best to manage the company's human resources solutions through the collection of data in an easy and simple system in which you can search and access to the required information quickly and accurately.

HRM Features

Affairs of the staff:

Staff basic and main function records are considered so that the system works to manage all information staff very well in terms of information on countries, cities, section, skills, qualifications, office, personal contact details and information and family data etc. of the details and the most important:

  • Registration of employees and the introduction of all their personal data.
  • The administrative structure of the facility.
  • Special movements of staff - transfer - Training - deputation - upgrade - and others.
  • Calculation of the balance of leave and end of service benefits.

Wages & Salaries:

Has been through the system automatically calculate salaries based on the time of attendance and departure of employees, taxes and other deductions. It can also be through the issuance of periodic checks Alrotb through which the payment of salaries to employees program in addition to the ease of issuing reports, such as the periodic report of taxes FOLLOWS:

  • Calculating Monthly Salaries.
  • Allowances & Deductions.
  • Bonuses / Annual Increases.
  • Extraction Marches Salaries.
  • Connectivity with the accounts and cost centers system.


Recording and management of personnel files and data experience, certifications, training and contracts. The vocabulary of salaries, allowances, bonuses, penalties, and holidays and bills and errands and calculating the monthly salary of absences and delays according to knowledge work plans in terms of

  • Fingerprint device directly linked to the system so that it is calculated delays and absences and overtime.
  • Ambacrh without the need for manual intervention.
  • Connect the system more than the fingerprint device can.
  • Import and export of fingerprint device system and vice versa.

Self Service Portal

Self-service stage is one of the most important stages of the system which enables companies and institutions to complete and follow-up to their human resources procedures for self, which would contribute to facilitating human resources services companies and institutions, and helps human resources departments to focus on programs and strategic initiatives. from where :

  • Automatics all paper forms that belong to the employee and converted from manual work to work mail.
  • The possibility of adding a workflow for each model separately so that it is automatically converted by the specified line to walk in advance.

An example: request for leave - is fill in the form by the employee and then it is sent to the direct manager and direct manager to human resources, and so on.

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